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Conway's Game of Life - Powered by WebGL

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h1 Conway's Game of Life - Powered by WebGL


Play with it now. Requires any modern browser (this, of course, rules out any version of IE).

h2 Goals

  • Super duper fast Life simulation
    • Spins up instantly on the browser
    • Customizable options
  • Keep the code organized with require.js
  • Keep the code expressive with Coffeescript, SASS, and HAML
  • Keep the code streamlined with Guard
  • Play around with WebGL from the ground up
    • In hindsight, using a library like Three.js would have been less of a headache

h2 Development

You'll have to start guard to compile Coffeescript, SASS, and HAML, as well as other handy file management.

In your shell console, run the following:

bundle install
bundle exec guard

Guard doesn't always compile all files on start up, so run ./script/clean while guard is running to 'force' a recompile.

It's also much easier if you run your files behind a server to avoid 'local file' security warnings. This project is already set up as a rack app if you run the following in your shell console:

open http://localhost:9292/public/dev/index.html
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