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A simple application for projecting lyrics.
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This is a simple application for projecting lyrics. It is intended to aid churches in their worship services.

##Installation and use

  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Then run make on UNIX-like systems, or build.bat on Windows.
  • Execute lyrical/ to start the application.
  • On first run, Lyrical will create an sqlite song database in ~/.lyrical.

##Song file format

The import and export function (coming soon) allows you to store songs in simple text files for theoretical easy migration between programs.

  • The first line is the title.
  • The second line is the copyright. If this line is blank, Lyrical will skip it.
  • All following paragraphs are individual verses. Each one will recieve its own slide.


Lyrical is available under the MIT license. Lyrical's icon was made by Sebastian Kraft and is licensed under the GPLv2

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