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update README to reflect discard_if change

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@@ -77,6 +77,27 @@ Creating the add button is equally simple. The add_associated_link helper will d
That's all you have to do to create a multi-model form with attribute_fu!
+== Discarding Blank Child Models
+If you want to show a bunch of blank child model forms at the bottom of your form, but you only want to save the ones that are filled out, you can use the discard_if option. It accepts either a proc:
+ class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
+ has_many :tasks, :attributes => true, :discard_if => proc { |task| task.title.blank? }
+ end
+...or a symbol...
+ class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
+ has_many :tasks, :attributes => true, :discard_if => :blank?
+ end
+ class Task < ActiveRecord::Base
+ def blank?
+ title.blank?
+ end
+ end
+Using a symbol allows you to keep code DRYer if you are using that routine in more than one place. Both of those examples, however, would have the same effect.
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