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Hello World application using CMake for the build.
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This is an extremely simple example C++ application which uses CMake. It will build and install an application called CMakeHelloWorld which simply outputs "Hello, world!" to stdout.


As this is an example of how to use CMake you'll need to download it ( or install it via:

sudo apt-get install cmake

Once CMake has been install navigate to the root of the project and issue the following commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && make
make install

You may need to usesudo make install command as it will install to /usr/local/bin . This might be a good opportunity to investigate stow ( as a means of managing the installation of applications in this manner, however I haven't gotten far enough into my CMake knowledge to take that step.


Once the executable has been created simply call CMakeHelloWorld, either from the build directory or anywhere (if you installed to /usr/local/bin, etc).

Uninstallation Removing the application is straight-forward. Simply delete the binary 'CMakeHelloWorld' from /usr/local/bin.

Caution I am a complete C++ noob. I've created this project as part of an effort to kickstart my C++ recovery as I have recently been placed on a team which is developing an embedded application. There may be any number of things wrong with this example. If you see something you know to be implemented incorrectly please contact me via github and I will do my best to correct it. Better, fork the project, fix it and issue a pull request.

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