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TimeShare App
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TimeShare App

The TimeShare app allows users to add significant life events to a timeline. Users can view, add, edit, and remove any of their own posts on their timeline. Each user's timeline is unique to their user id (created upon signup through Firebase Auth).

TimeShare hosted on Heroku
TimeShare project tracking on Trello


-DJ Benavidez
-James Summers
-Kenny Vo
-Vivienne White

Source Code

Github Backend

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Express, MongoDB, ReactJS, Git, Github, Heroku, Firebase Auth, node.js

Existing Features / User Stories

*-Land on homepage
-Create account by signing in with Google
-Navigate to your Timeline
-Create a life event using the Create form
-Make your life event public or private
-Edit or Delete existing life events in your Timeline
-Logout *

Planned Features

-View all public life events in a common Gallery
-Make user navigation more friendly
-Give users ability to upload a photo to their life event
-Give users ability to share their posts on social media platforms
-Give users ability to comment on other people's life events in the public Gallery
-Give users ability to tag other users in the posts they create


landing page About Page Timeline Page

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