Docker container for running a mongo instance on a tmpfs volume. Designed for use in test environments.
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mongo-tmpfs is a docker container for running a mongo instance against a tmpfs storage volume.

This container is designed to enhance performance in testing environments. Logging and preallocation is disabled and smallfiles are enabled.

The TMPFS_SIZE environment variable can be used to configure the size (in MB) of the tmpfs volume.

docker run  --name mongo-tmpfs \
            --privileged \
            -p 27017:27017 \

MongoDB Version

Different version of the mongo-tmpfs container are available for different versions.

Mongo Version Docker Tag
3.0 jamesridgway/mongo-tmpfs:3.0
3.2 jamesridgway/mongo-tmpfs:3.2
3.4 jamesridgway/mongo-tmpfs:3.4
3.6 jamesridgway/mongo-tmpfs:3.6