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This script implements transparent editing of gpg encrypted files. The filename must have a ".gpg", ".pgp" or ".asc" suffix. When opening such a file the content is decrypted, when opening a new file the script will ask for the recipients of the encrypted file. The file content will be encrypted to all recipients before it is written. The script…
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Latest commit 2dfb82f @jamessan Handle rename() failures
Renaming the temporary, encrypted file to the intended filename (per the
buffer) may fail (e.g., typoed directory name).  In this case, remove
the temporary file and then give the typical error message for this

In order to be safe, the message is manually being generated instead of
trying to be clever and do something like “noautocmd write” expecting it
to hit the same error that rename() did.

Closes jamessan/vim-gnupg#56
Signed-off-by: James McCoy <>
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plugin Handle rename() failures
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