This script implements transparent editing of gpg encrypted files. The filename must have a ".gpg", ".pgp" or ".asc" suffix. When opening such a file the content is decrypted, when opening a new file the script will ask for the recipients of the encrypted file. The file content will be encrypted to all recipients before it is written. The script…
Latest commit 454090f Sep 18, 2016 @jamessan GPGEncrypt: Remove (file)encoding dance around file encryption
Changing &encoding when &fileencoding != &encoding causes two problems.

First, it's completely unsafe to change &encoding after vim is running,
since there may be characters that can't be translated from one encoding
to another, which can make vim crash.

Second, this actually loses information about the buffer's encoding.
When the encrypted file is opened later, it won't be in the same
encoding as before it was saved.  Changing user's data on them is

Signed-off-by: James McCoy <>
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plugin GPGEncrypt: Remove (file)encoding dance around file encryption Sep 18, 2016