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Twitter-style time tracking

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What is it?

Simply put, Twackr is twitter-style time tracking. At its simplest, it's a tweet with a timer attached to it.

Tracked time can be categorised into @projects and #services. In addition to the basic timer, there are also numerous options for specifying time spent.

How can i install / upgrade?

Simply run the following:

rake db:auto:migrate

And create a user. It couldn't be any simpler!

Are there any screenshots or is there even a demo?

Please refer to the project entry on OpenSourceRails for any screenshots.

A demo is available on heroku.

Can I run Twackr on Heroku?

Yes you can! And this is how:

  1. Setup heroku app

    heroku create

  2. Migrate database on heroku

    heroku db:auto:migrate

  3. Launch in browser

    heroku open


For licensing details, refer to the LICENSE file in the root directory.

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