A port of FreeRTOS to the raspberry pi.
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FreeRTOS Ported to Raspberry Pi

This provides a very basic port of FreeRTOS to Raspberry pi.

Howto Build

Type make! -- If you get an error then:

$ cd .dbuild/pretty
$ chmod +x *.py

Currently the makefile expect an arm-none-eabi- toolchain in the path. Either export the path to yours or modify the TOOLCHAIN variable in dbuild.config.mk file.

You may also need to modify the library locations in the Makefile:

kernel.elf: LDFLAGS += -L"c:/yagarto/lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/4.7.1/" -lgcc
kernel.elf: LDFLAGS += -L"c:/yagarto/arm-none-eabi/lib/" -lc

The build system also expects find your python interpreter by using /usr/bin/env python, if this doesn't work you will get problems.

To resolve this, modify the #! lines in the .dbuild/pretty/*.py files.

Hope this helps.

I'm currently porting my BitThunder project to the Pi, which is a OS based on FreeRTOS but with a comprehensive driver model, and file-systems etc.