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Salesforce ETL MySQL

This sample application shows a simple way to use a Node.js app along with Workflow on Salesforce to do Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) from Salesforce to MySQL.

Run on Heroku

  1. Deploy the app: Deploy

Run Locally

  1. Create a local MySQL database named demo

  2. Install the Node.js dependencies:

     npm install
  3. Run the local dev server:

     npm run dev
  4. Start an ngrok tunnel:

     ngrok http 5000

Setup a Salesforce Workflow & Outbound Message

  1. Create a new Workflow
  2. Select the Contact object
  3. Give the rule a name
  4. Select created, and every time it's edited
  5. In the Rule Critera select forumla evaluates to true and enter True in the formula field
  6. In Immediate Workflow Actions select New Outbound Message
  7. Give the Outbound Message a name, enter the Endpoint URL for either your Heroku app (e.g. or your ngrok endpoint for local testing (e.g.
  8. Select the Email, FirstName, and LastName fields


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