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A web application for an experimental music collaboration project.
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View video demo here.

In Concert is a web application for an experimental music collaboration project, inspired by open-source principles. Musicians and non-musicians openly share ideas and source materials. Creativity does not exist in a vacuum.

The code has mainly been written using p5.js, with some additional server-side code with Node.js. All client side code is divided into a number of classes with the main action happening in sketch.js.

Classes include:

  • soundShape.js: A class which converts a audio track into a circular shape based on it's waveform.

  • audioPlayer.js: A class for the global audioPlayer, drawn as two circles. The outer layer is a representation of the amplitude of the track at the current time. The inner layer is a playhead which can be clicked and dragged to skip through a track.

  • connection.js: A class for creating the spring-like force that draws connected shapes together. These are turned on when a shape is playing.

  • helpMenu.js: A class for the In Concert help menu, a useful tool for giving information about the shapes and the project. It also contains a hyperlink system for switching between shapes.

  • circleSequencer.js: A class for the In Concert Circle Sequencer, a fun and easy tool for making a quick remix which can be saved into the main site as a new SoundShape.

  • sampleShape.js: A class for the little samples used in the Circle Sequencer. A simpler version of the soundShape class.

  • step.js: A class for the individual steps of the Circle Sequencer.

  • inputForm.js: A class for the pop-up input form for saving a remix as a new SoundShape

Here is a reference list for code which I have adapted from other's work. I have also made it clear at these code sections that the code has been re-used.

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