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This version of xdaliclock is a port of Jamie Zawinski's xdaliclock to the Tandy/TRS-80 Color Computer.


  • Digital clock that morphs digits into their new shape when they change.
  • Works on any Color Computer with a disk drive and 32KB RAM.
  • Automatically runs at 1.78MHz on the Color Computer 3.

Running xdaliclock

  • Insert the disk or virtual disk into DRIVE 0.
  • RUN "*"
  • When prompted, enter the year (2016->9999), month (1->12), day (1->31), hour (0->23), minute (0->59) and second (0->59).
  • Different time/date formats can be selected by pressing 1, 2 or 3.
  • Different date formatting can be selected by pressing 4, 5 or 6.
  • The date can be displayed momentarily by pressing the spacebar.


  • Unix-like system such as Linux or macOS with typical developer tools
  • Docker
  • [MESS] ( and required coco roms
  • CoCo 3 ROMs installed in MAME

Building and Running

To build and run:

cd coco
make run

To clean everything:

cd coco
./build clean