Predawn themes for iTerm, Terminal, and a ZSH prompt
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Predawn Shell

Get Predawn for iTerm, Terminal (special thanks to @danielbayley), HyperTerm along with a command-line prompt theme easily installed with Oh-my-zsh or Prezto.




  1. Open Preferences — Cmd + ,
  2. Go to Profiles tab
  3. Click on Colors tab of desired profile
  4. Click the Color Presets… dropdown
  5. Click Import
  6. Select Predawn.itermcolors
  7. Again, click the Color Presets… dropdown
  8. Select Predawn from the list


  1. Open Preferences — Cmd + ,
  2. Go to Profiles tab
  3. Click the gear dropodown in the list of profiles
  4. Click Import…
  5. Select Predawn.terminal
  6. Optionally set as Default


  1. Add predawn-hyperterm to the plugins array in ~/.hyperterm.js

Oh-My-ZSH Prompt Theme

  1. Place Predawn.zsh-theme into ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes
  2. Open your ~/.zshrc file
  3. Set your ZSH_THEME variable to "Predawn", i.e. ZSH_THEME="Predawn"
  4. Reload your settings with source ~/.zshrc

ZSH Prezto Theme

  1. Place prompt_predawn_setup into ~/.zprezto/modules/prompt/functions
  2. Try it out with prompt predawn or...
  3. Configure it as your default with zstyle ':prezto:module:prompt' theme 'predawn' in ~/.zpreztorc
  4. Reload your shell with source ~/.zshrc


  1. Add zplug jamiewilson/predawn-shell, as:theme above zplug load in your ~/.zshrc
  2. zplug install to install your plugins and reload ~/.zshrc