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Predawn for Atom

A dark UI and syntax theme for Atom and Sublime Text


Predawn is a minimal interface theme and a syntax color scheme. It was originally just a slightly tweaked version (called Flatland-Alt) of the Flatland theme, which itself is a flat reworking of Soda. I decided to keep going with cusomization and rework the entire theme. But I owe a lot to Flatland and Soda. Thanks guys!

Also, big thanks to @johman10 and @adammw for helping get this ported over!

Predawn UI and Syntax Themes


Either, search for it in the Packages section in you Atom settings tab. Or from the command-line run:

apm install predawn-ui

Also, view on at

Syntax Theme

I also highly reccomend installing the accompanying syntax theme, called predawn-syntax.

I also threw in some dock icons just for fun:

Atom Predawn Dock Icons

Sublime Text

You can also find Predawn for Sublime Text here.