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Adobe Native Extension (ANE) for Fortumo (Android)
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Adobe Native Extension (ANE) for Fortumo (Android)

Software installation (Windows):

To compile ANE:

  • Edit ane\ and update paths
  • In the ane folder run 'ant'

To compile the Demo:

  • Open demo\demo.as3proj in FlashDevelop
  • Press F5 to run the application

The demo was created by:

  • Project / New Project ... / AIR Mobile AS3 App

  • Follow instructions in AIR_Android/iOS_readme.txt

  • In application.xml change / add the contents of to:

        <!-- Activities -->
        <activity android:name="" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar"/>
        <activity android:name="" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar"/>
        <!-- Service -->
        <service android:name="" />

  • In application.xml add before :


  • In Packager.bat change:

    call adt -package -target %TYPE%%TARGET% %OPTIONS% %SIGNING_OPTIONS% "%OUTPUT%" "%APP_XML%" %FILE_OR_DIR%


    call adt -package -target %TYPE%%TARGET% %OPTIONS% %SIGNING_OPTIONS% "%OUTPUT%" "%APP_XML%" %FILE_OR_DIR% -extdir ext

  • In Run.bat replace:

    adl -screensize %SCREEN_SIZE% "%APP_XML%" "%APP_DIR%"


    rmdir /q /s ext_unpacked mkdir ext_unpacked\FortumoExtension.ane unzip -q ext\FortumoExtension.ane -d ext_unpacked\FortumoExtension.ane adl -screensize %SCREEN_SIZE% "%APP_XML%" "%APP_DIR%" -extdir ext_unpacked

  • In SetupSDK.bat add the variable JAVA_SDK

  • Add to Packager.bat:

    if "%PLATFORM%" NEQ "android" goto skip-fortumo-res call AddFortumoRes.bat if errorlevel 1 goto failed :skip-fortumo-res

  • Make sure the path to FortumoInApp-android-7.3.461.jar is correct in AddFortumoRes.bat

  • Add folder 'ext' and copy FortunoExtension.ane to it

    Right click FortunoExtension.ane and select 'Add To Library' Right click FortunoExtension.ane and select 'Options...' and select 'External Library (not included)'

  • Edited demo\src\com\fortumo\demo\, main payment code is:

    var f: Fortumo = new Fortumo(); f.setService("", ""); f.setConsumable(false); f.setDisplayString("This is a test purchase"); f.setProductName("TestProduct"); f.addEventListener(StatusEvent.STATUS, onStatusUpdate); f.makePayment();

  • Make sure you don't call NativeApplication.nativeApplication.exit() in your deactivation handler (activating the Fortumo screen calls this handler)

  • Make sure you're running Java 6 and not Java 7 (this will cause signing errors!)

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