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A logic puzzle for PalmOS (historical interest only, mostly, unless you have an really old device)
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  <body bgcolor="white">

    Thank-you for trying Hercule!  This shareware version is limited to 10 puzzles, but
    the registered version gives you access to all 99,990 of the others.

    <p />

    Instructions for play are included in the game itself.  Simply go to the "Help" menu
    after you've started Hercule, and select either "How to Play" (for condensed
    instructions) or "Tutorial" (for a longer explanation).

    <p />

    There should be two (2) .prc files included in this archive:

      <li><b>hercule_unreg.prc</b>: this is the monochrome (black &amp; white) version of Hercule.
          If you do not have a color PalmOS device, this is the version you should install.  Also,
          you may install this version on your color PalmOS device if you want to use the black &amp;
          white version.
      <li><b>hercule_c_unreg.prc</b>: this is the color version of Hercule.  Do not install
          this version unless your PalmOS device supports at least 8-bit color (256 colors).

    The color and monochrome versions are distributed as separate executables in order to reduce
    the size of the program.  Please choose the version appropriate for your device.  <i>Do not</i>
    install both versions on your device -- although it will not damage your device, Hercule will not
    work correctly.

    <p />

    If you like this game and would like to register it, you can send a check/money order
    for $12 to:
      Jamis Buck<br />
      <!-- address here -->

    Make checks payable to Jamis Buck, and be sure to include your e-mail address (or add
    another $1 for shipping if you would like the game on a 3.5" floppy disk) so I can get
    the game to you!
    <p />

    Or, you can go to the
    <a href="">Hippa-Potta Software</a>
    home-page and pay online via credit-card or PayPal account (see the Hercule page there for more
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