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Takehome - Chat server written in Golang
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Go chat server

Telnet demo: Curl demo:

Start instructions

To run the chat server:

$ go run *.go

To connect a telnet client:

telnet localhost 3333

To post messages via curl:

curl -d 'username=myFancyUserName&msg=How do you do fellow kids?' 'http://localhost:3000/post'

To check messages history via curl:

curl 'http://localhost:3000/messages'


There aren't any bugs I'm aware of. There is currently only 1 big chatroom. I'm using channels to broadcast messages between all the connected clients. After you connect via telnet you can type /help to se what commands are available.

All chat messages are saved to ./messages.log.

Given more time, I would add tests, add proper error conditions, and ensure I'm closing the channels and connections properly. Following that, I'd start testing scale, and see how the server scales before optimizing.

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