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Update 2019-05-29

Tunabelly Software are now releasing their software for free (Previously paid app). They have a more polished and reliable app than this project. You may want to use their great work:

Keep your audio balance from drifting!

There is, still, a long standing MacOS bug where your balance may drift when volume buttons are pressed while CPU is under heavy load 🤷‍♀️ (Also charging your Macbook on the left side can cause heavy CPU usage).

Ever noticed your audio not quite right? Only to discover your audio balance slightly off 😔

This free app keeps your balance stable and center. Lives in your Menu Bar.

Ballast App Closed

Ballast App Open


⚠️ You will likely need to give permission to open app from unidentified developer. See:

From the web

👉 Download Zip from the latest release page (macOS 10.12 or later required)

📝 Copy to your Applications folder.

From the command line

ℹ️ Requires homebrew to be installed

🐚 Run brew install --cask ballast


  • 😴 Idles in the background, only activated on system audio changes
  • 📝 Keep track of how many times your balance drifts
  • 🚀 Option to launch at login
  • 👻 Hide menu bar icon


  • Why can I not open the app after installing?
    As a security measure MacOS won't open apps from unidentified developers. This is because I do not have an Apple Developers subscription, so cannot sign the app. To open see

  • How do I stop the app from centering balance?
    Two options:

    1. Quit the app from the menu bar option
    2. Disable the app with the menu bar option
  • After hiding the menu bar icon, how do I make it reappear?
    Open from your Applications folder or open via spotlight, alfred etc. A window should be displayed with an option to restore the menu bar icon or keep hidden.

    Ballast App Open
  • I found a bug or problem?
    Great work Sherlock! 🕵️‍♂️ It’s elementary. Please open an issue on this GitHub repo. Or submit a Pull Request 🙇‍♀️

  • I have an idea for improvement
    Let me know by opening an issue. All welcome!