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A simple Sinatra app to sign Puppet certificate requests via an API
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PSigner is a sinatra application that allows you to sign and delete Puppet certificates via a simple web service. It is designed as an example prototype to show you how you can use an automatic signing and deleting process with a simple shared secret when (de-)provisioning hosts.

NOTE: You could also do this directly via the Puppet API but that requires SSL authentication. This is less secure but potentially somewhat simpler.

Signing a new certificate

It allows the remote signing of Puppet client certificates via an API call, by passing the certname to be signed and the shared secret as the value of the secret parameter.

$ curl -d 'secret=SHAREDSECRET' -d 'certname=bob' -X POST http://localhost:4567/api/cert

You can configure the shared secret via the config.yml file in the config directory.

Cleaning out an old certificate

To revoke and remove a cert from Puppet's CA

$ curl -d 'secret=SHAREDSECRET' -d 'certname=bob' -X DELETE http://localhost:4567/api/cert

Running standalone

Simply run the bundle and then rackup commands.

To sign certificates you will need to run PSigner on the Puppet master as the root user.

A note on security

You should run the API service behind a web server with HTTPS/SSL enabled to prevent someone sniffing the network and getting your shared secret. There are also a number of ways you could store and retrieve the shared secret other than a config file that would this more functional.

Bundling as a gem

gem build psigner.gemspec
sudo gem install psigner-0.0.1.gem
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