A very simple CommitBot that triggers Git-based buildbot runs
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Github-BuildBot CommitBot

This is a Merb "very-flat" application.  You need to first do:

$ gem install merb-core json

In order to get Merb installed.  Once that's done, you can fire up your new github-BuildBot CommitBot with:

merb -I github-buildbot-commitbot.rb

This listens on port 4000 by default but can be overriden.

Then add a post-receive hook as:


A Github (or other remote repo post-receive hook) triggers the script to update a local Git repo, submit the commits to the git_buildbot.py script which then processes the changes and submits them ot BuildBot.  This assumes you have PBChangeSource enabled in your BuildBot configuration.

Before you start sending things through it, I recommend you pop open the source and edit the
variables at the top.  Specifically:

  c[:project]             = "Name of Project",
  c[:buildhost]           = "BuildBot Hostname",
  c[:git_dir]             = "path to local Git repo",
  c[:git_buildbot]        = "path to Buildbot git_buildbot.py script",
  c[:tmp_commit_file]     = "location of temporary file to hold commit data",