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Puppet module to install CloudFoundry VCAP and components

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CloudFoundry Module

This is the Puppet Labs CloudFoundry module.

It installs CloudFoundry VCAP on a host including all required packages and dependencies.

The installation may be lengthly given several components (NodeJS particularly) of the module require compilation.

The module is made up of three classes:

  • cloudfoundry - the core class containined in init.pp
  • cloudfoundry::nodejs - installs NodeJS
  • cloudfoundry::bundle - contains the bundle definition that bundles gems
  • cloudfoundry::params - contains the control parameters for the modules

In the cloudfoundry::params class you can set the user, group you want to use CloudFoundry and password for your MySQL instance.


node "" {
  include cloudfoundry

Supported Platforms

The module currently supports Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora.


See LICENSE file.


James Turnbull


All credit to Brandon Turner ( for his rvm_gem type and provider.

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