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Explaining 'responsive web design' to anyone who isn't a web developer is tricky - show them and the penny drops instantly. Resizing the browser is fine but non-web geeks don't seem connect the browser window size with a device window size. This demo is intended to demonstrate the practice in a manner everyone 'gets'.

Ethan Marcotte (@beep) brought this approach onto web developers radars everywhere with his excellent article on ( Many fine examples of responsive web design being 'in the wild' can be found on the website.

The technical bits
Nope, this demo isn't responsive. It's designed to be a tool to demonstrate in the clearest manner possible to the widest audience possible. I felt concept would be lost if someone on their smart phone couldn't see differences between 'viewports' just the same a those on their desktop. Yeah- I know, I know.

Credits / Thanks
The idea for this page was was inspired by a previous demo put together @thismanslife. It was beaten to the punch by and others since.

@john_nye & @sophiedennis for encouragement & opinions.
@Jack_Way for encouragement & opinions and particularly IE bug squashing.

Feedback welcome!
Just holler on twitter @jamusreynolds
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