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@jan-molak jan-molak released this Jun 5, 2016 · 147 commits to master since this release

Say hello to custom build descriptions! This feature should make it a little bit easier to display the revision number, the person who started the build, or anything else that you can get hold of in the console output of your builds.

To use it, install the Description Setter plugin and follow the instructions as per "Displaying A Custom Build Description" acceptance test:

screen shot 2016-06-06 at 00 03 09

to get something like this:


On top of that, this release also brings:

  • ability to sort displayed projects by their estimated duration (including upstream projects) - #220 - Thanks @eribau!
  • a fix to #224, where the progress bar didn't display the colour-blind friendly background pattern

Fun fact: All Build Monitor acceptance tests are written using the Screenplay Pattern and executed with Serenity BDD. That's how I get those cool test reports you've just seen a screenshot of above.

If you'd like to learn more about it, read my recent article "From Acceptance Tests to User Guides: Living Documentation with Serenity BDD and the Screenplay Pattern".

You might be also interested in some of my other articles, such as:

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest changes, and don't forget to 👍 the ideas and suggestions you'd like to see implemented next!

Jan Molak

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