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Snorby 2.5.2

  • License Changed to GPLv3 - Please review the License file.
  • You can now delete sensors.
  • Timezone added to all DateTime

  • Note: Make sure to run bundle exec rake snorby:update

Snorby 2.5.1

  • Fixed Firefox JS/search issues
  • Sort/Direction respected after classification
  • Fixed issue when mass classification is ran in the background.
  • Fixed popup box typo
  • Fixed issue with signature listing/view button
  • Fixed a timestamp/sql format issue with older versions of mysql
  • Fixed bug when classification is zero (unclassified)
  • Fixed login image copyright date

  • Note: Make sure to run bundle exec rake snorby:update

Snorby 2.5.0

  • New Search UI
  • New saved search feature
  • New Session View
  • Fixed classification logic
  • Mass classification Job Queue optional
  • Major Bug fixes / UI Improvements

  • Note: Make sure to run bundle exec rake snorby:update

    • id column added to event table
    • Agg view table added
    • events_wtih_join view added

Snorby 2.4.1

  • Fix new event note controller bug.
  • Minor view fixes / improvements.
  • Add EU GeoIP Flag.
  • Add support for custom Geoip Databases

Snorby 2.4.0

  • New Signature Listing View
  • New Global Event Notification Option
  • New Snorby Update Notification Option

  • Minor UI/Design Improvements

  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • rake snorby:(setup/update) start worker and adds jobs by default
  • Force cache now done using ajax request
  • GeoIP database removed from repo - Download via worker/job

    ** NOTE: remember to run bundle exec rake snorby:update

Snorby 2.3.14

  • Major Cache refactor <3
  • Add force cache update button to dashboard
  • Index updates
  • Remove auto refresh from worker/queue page

    ** NOTE: remember to run bundle exec rake snorby:update and restart the jobs/worker process.

Snorby 2.3.13

  • Minor javascript bug fixes.
  • Fix time logic bug in daily cache job. <3
  • Fixed ajax/request issues with password reset form
  • Fixed event note pagination bug.

Snorby 2.3.12

  • Update jquery/highcharts
  • Fixed issue with nil ip values in sensor cache job

Snorby 2.3.11

  • NOTE: Remember to run rake snorby:update for this version release.
  • Fixed all deprecation warnings.
  • Upgrade to newest rails/DM versions.
  • Fix timezone issues with cache jobs
  • Fix unclassified search parameters.
  • Fix issue with dst source calculations in pdf reports.
  • Add optimizations for geoip settings query on iterations
  • Improve AJAX pagination - fix load race conditions.
  • Improve kinda-real-time event notification logic.

Snorby 2.3.10

  • NOTE: Remember to run rake snorby:update for this version release.
  • Improvements in the UI for CAS authentication mode (Antonio Marques)
  • Added option to display GeoIP information in the events list (Antonio Marques)
  • Added option to get user avatar from (Antonio Marques)
  • Created Job to automatically update GeoIP database (if geoip enabled) (Antonio Marques)
  • Some performance optimizations (Antonio Marques)
  • Updated GeoIP css/UI
  • Minor fixes with lookup/user settings display.

Snorby 2.3.9

  • Fixed minor bugs with new counts using cache counters before count queries.
  • Updated input for fonts and added chosen.js for select tags.
  • CAS authentication support. Thanks acmarques.

Snorby 2.3.8

  • Fixed issues with classified events not showing in search results.
  • Fixed issue with mass classification user table joins.

Snorby 2.3.7

  • Fix bug with week/month email reports having incorrect ranges.
  • Add sort support for the queue event listing.
  • Fixed XSS issue with classification tooltips - escape user name.
  • Remove verbose paperclip error messages - improve image type validations.
  • Make hotkey menu standardized across event views.
  • Remove unneeded /./ from all form inputs.
  • Add event rule lookup - rule dirs set in snorby_config.yml

Snorby 2.3.6

  • Fixed issue this inaccurate last_month timestamps.
  • Graph click events are not scoped by range time.
  • Added c/p support for src/dst ips addrs.
  • Both src/dst ip addrs now have there own menu.
  • Fixed issue with single date in search form.
  • earliestDate now set to current day.

Snorby 2.3.5

  • Snorby::Report bug fixes with sending weekly/monthly reports.
  • Better error logging in all snorby cache jobs
  • Pie chart loading indicator should be generated dynamically.

Snorby 2.3.4

  • You can now view the last 24 hours on the dashboard.
  • Fixed minor css issue with hidden menus still showing right border
  • Update batch_size to 10,000 events per cache processing loop
  • Dashboard sev graphs now respect global severity colors

Snorby 2.3.3

  • Fixed bug with dst pie graph loading.
  • Event tables can now be sorted using the table headers.
  • Changed event open hotkey to shift+return.
  • Bug fixes with weekly/monthly email reports.
  • Add CIDR to search for src/dst.
  • Minor UI changes and enhancements.
  • Fixed bug with event hotkey navigation.
  • Added auto prune functionality - remove events based of user specifications
  • Changed the "no-data" placeholder to fix the global color schema
  • Minor helper method refactoring

Snorby 2.3.2

  • updated DM deps
  • fixed all issues with search params
  • pie charts can now be clicked to search plot data

Snorby 2.3.1

  • Numerous UI enhancements.

Snorby 2.3.0 (codename: fixme)

  • Backend
  • Cache logic now processes in chunks to prevent blowing the stack
  • Fixed issues with daily cache not processing when events return nil
  • Epic amounts of other bug fixes
  • UI/UX
  • Admin menu move to sub menu bar for UX reasons.
  • Change hotkeys that conflict with macosx bindings
  • Box titles now built with css
  • Content headers now built with css and window menus now align correctly.
  • Flash message now covers only the top header.

Snorby 2.2.7

  • fixed issue with dashboard charts taking a lot memory.
  • updated highcharts current version 2.1.5.

Snorby 2.2.6

  • updated rails to 2.0.5
  • fixed all csrf in snorby.js
  • updated README for highcharts license

Snorby 2.2.5

  • Bug fixes
  • revert rails 2.0.4 due to csrf token issues

Snorby 2.2.4

  • Fixed issue with Snorby worker crashing unexpectedly due to some hostnames exceeding the lock_by column size.

    NOTE Due to some issues with the current snorby ORM we cannot update the affected column automatically. For all new installs this issue has been resolved however, for snorby installs > 2.2.4 must update the locked_by column in the dealyed_jobs table manually. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Snorby 2.2.3

  • Updated delayed_job to 2.1.4

Snorby 2.2.2

Bugfixes since 2.1.1

  • Fixed issue with nil ip addrs from event show views
  • Added titles for all truncated text on hover
  • Fixed blue border on pdf graphs
  • Updated the delayed_job gems and fixed exception logging
  • Fixed "Export to pdf" to show the proper DateTime for file names and headers
  • Numerous CSS/JS fixes and optimizations

Snorby 2.2.1

New Features since 2.1.0

  • Full packet capture integration with Solera Networks’ product API
  • Ability to specify full-packet capture search criteria per event
  • Mass-Classify events by just an IP (not restricted to certain rules)
  • User who classified an event now listed on classified rule tooltip.
  • Additional event keyboard shortcuts now available

Bugfixes since 2.1.0

  • Fixed “Remember Me” causing the application to crash on login in certain scenarios
  • Fixed “Ambiguous Search Term” on WHOIS lookups
  • Numerous UI optimizations and bugfixes

Enhancements since 2.1.0

  • Optimized asset packaging with jammit
  • Fields in error now show with a “red” outline when submitting forms
  • Job Queue page now auto refreshes