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Greasemonkey for Pale Moon

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"Fork" branch

Greasemonkey 3.31.4
(The MIT License)

Privacy Policy:
No personal or statistical data is sent or collected with this extension.

  • This task does not apply to the version 3.30rc and higher:

    • Changed the extension ID!
      Update requires you the uninstall the old version (e.g. beta) and then install the new (rc / stable)!
      (the new version will not overwrite the old one, and you cannot use both versions together)
      Your settings and scripts should stay in place.

Based on 3.11 (upstream)

Known issues:

  • Lack of documentation
  • Some untranslated strings (any localization is welcome)

Ad GM_download() - e.g.:

Ad CORS/CSP override:
According to the settings in about:config - opt-in

See also:
A script tag injected into a page with a CSP...
Bookmarklets affected by CSP

If you use it, you do it at your own risk!

You can check it yourself if you look at it's source code
(even if you don't have to agree with me - in terms of code style).

Support site:
Issues - janekptacijarabaci/greasemonkey
PaleMoon forum - Browser Add-ons ‹ Browser extensions
(I check this forum only occasionally - username GMforker)

Will be updated sporadically - or maybe never...
It depends on many factors.

Tested on:
Pale Moon 27.9.4
Pale Moon 28.0.0b5
Basilisk beta
Firefox 39.0, 56.0a1 (e10s: on/off) - for any tests

  • Unbranded builds
  • about:config:
  • Recommended settings: