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Box to Box Drag & Drop

By Jane Philipps


  1. Unzip
  2. Open index.html in browser
  3. Enjoy!


The technologies I used to build this app are: HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The app has been tested in the latest versions of Chrome and Safari.


Any small box dragged and dropped over another small box should swap positions with each other

I used the jQuery UI draggable and droppable methods to accomplish this. When a draggable box is dropped on top of another draggable box, their positions are swapped using the invisible droppable boxes (mentioned below) as guides.

Any small box dragged and dropped on the other large square should be moved to that square and swapped with any small box already there

I created invisible droppable boxes to catch any draggable boxes being dropped. Note: there are a couple possible ways to interpret "any small box already there" - I implemented it this way to allow multiple boxes to be dropped into the second container into any position in the grid.

Add a button to allow the user to reset the small box positions

I cached the original box set-up, including the invisible droppable boxes, and rebuilt the DOM on reset to correctly reposition all of the boxes.

Add a button or input to allow the user to randomize the layout and positioning of the small boxes in both large squares

I added a randomize function that initalized one array for each larger container. When run on click of the button, the function loops through the droppable boxes, randomly pushes each box into one of the two arrays, then empties the containers and resets them with the arrays of new boxes.


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