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Tic Tac Toe

By Jane Philipps


  1. Navigate to repo
  2. Clone locally using git clone
  3. Install dependencies using npm install
  4. Run tests using npm test
  5. Start your server using npm start
  6. Navigate to app in browser
  7. Enjoy!


The technologies I used to build this app are: HTML, CSS, React, Jest, and Enzyme. I used create-react-app to generate the scaffolding for this app.


Build a two player tic tac toe app where a game is played by alternating clicks until the game is won by X, O or is a tie.

I added a message that displays which player's turn it is based on the number of turns taken. The message also displays whether a player has won or if there is a tie.

Include a reset button so that when a game ends, the board can be cleared and a new game can begin.

The reset button calls a method _resetBoard() which calls another method _getInitialState() to reset the board.


Make the board fully responsive

I used the vmin unit of measure to make the width, height, and border of the squares fully responsive.

Allow for more than 1 game to be played simultaneously

I have a state within the App that keeps track of the number of boards. Because each board also has its own state, gameplay across multiple boards can happen simultaneously without interference.

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