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superintendent provides an ipywidget-based interactive labelling tool for your data. It allows you to flexibly label all kinds of data. It also allows you to combine your data-labelling task with a statistical or machine learning model to enable quick and practical active learning.

Getting started

Take a look at the documentation:

It has some explanations of how the library works, and it also has many examples.

If you'd like to try the library without installing it, check out the repository on binder.


pip install superintendent

If you want to also use the keyboard shortcuts for labelling faster, you will also have to enable the ipyevents jupyter extension:

jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix ipyevents

If you also want to run the examples, you need three additional packages: requests, bs4 and wordcloud. You can install them via pip by running:

pip install superintendent[examples]

If you want to contribute to superintendent, you will need to install the test dependencies as well. You can do so with pip install superintendent[tests,examples]

## Acknowledgements

Much of the initial work on superintendent was done during my time at Faculty AI.