Moth has all the awesomness Steve Souders thaught you about fast websites, but fully integrated in your ASP.NET MVC project!
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Moth is a library for ASP.NET MVC that enables you to do all the total awesomeness required to build «really fast websites™», just like Steve Souders taught you.

So what'd you offer?

  • Let your server cool off with the best caching framework available
  • Minimize requests by combining javascript and CSS files
  • Minimize request size by minifying javascript
  • Data URI's for more request minification
  • Automatic CSS and javascript versioning
  • No hassle, just develop the same way you always do. We'll do the rest.

Does it work?

Moth was built out of the work we've done on the mobile website of the Dutch leading real estate site funda. The mobile site serves 200.000 pageviews per day with ease, and with a minimum of requests and with blazing speed. You can check for yourself how fast it is.