An opencellid server using bottle and bottle-sqlalchemy
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Self hosted OpenCellID server

An OpenCellID HTTP server, inspired by the original work from Frédéric Junod. You'll want to use this if you either don't want to rely on OpenCellID to stay online, or when you're a commercial user of OpenCellID.

If you're interested in this project, you are probably also interested in transmeyer's cell-geolocation project. It combines OpenCellID with other data sources.


Download and create an sqlite database from the csv data that you can get from The thing is that it now requires a login, so the best way is to download it from browser and store it as cells.txt.gz in this folder. If you want to run this on a server then use Firefox Network panel and 'copy as cURL'. Then run that command on the server and store as cells.txt.gz.

Then run:

cat cells.txt.gz | gunzip - > cells.txt
cat schema.sql | sqlite3 cells.sqlite
cat import.sql | sqlite3 cells.sqlite


Start the server

npm install
node opencellid.js

Use environment variables PORT and IP for different port/host. F.e.:

PORT=1337 node opencellid.js


curl -s 'http://localhost:5265/?mcc=228&mnc=1&lac=505&cellid=10545'

The outout is a JSON object that has lat, lon and range.


Released under the WTFPL version 2.