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This meta gem installs a bunch of ripl plugins for a nice-to-use general purpose ripl.
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This is a meta gem that installs a base set of ripl plugins for a nice-to-use, general purpose ripl.


gem install ripltools


To use it, put the following in your ~/.riplrc file (this file is loaded every time you start ripl):

require 'ripltools'

If it does not exist, just create a new one.

You cannot modify the loaded plugins. If you want to change them, copy the source of this gem and paste it in your .riplrc.

Alternatively, you can use ripltools to easily install the plugins, but require manually the ones you want.


The irbtools gem is compatible with ripl and ripltools. ripltools only includes ripl-specific gems, while irbtools includes general “Ruby console features” (e.g. interactive_editor).

Included gems

Not included, anymore

Other interesting ripl plugins, but not included in ripltools

The ripl github page has a large list of available plugins. You can also search through rubygems with:

gem list -r ripl-.*


Copyright © 2010-2013 Jan Lelis <> released under the MIT license.


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