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~ is where the ♥ is — my dotfiles
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Latest commit 3076891 @janmoesen .bash/commands: add "uptime" to "top10"
This adds back some extra information that the "top"-based "top10" command used
to show.
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.bash .bash/commands: add "uptime" to "top10"
bin ssh-delete-control-sockets: rm
.ackrc .ackrc: add Twig to HTML and template file types
.bash_profile bash_profile: source relative to itself, not ~
.bashrc .bashrc: explain why I do not "return" in .bash*
.colordiffrc .colordiffrc: initial commit
.gitconfig .gitconfig: add comment about color.ui
.gitignore Initial commit
.inputrc .inputrc: improve history-preserve-point comment
.screenrc .screenrc: use "defscrollback", not "scrollback"
.wgetrc .wgetrc: do not use "--timestamping=on" by default
COPYING COPYING: update years COPYING, update copyright years

Tilde: ~ is where the ♥ is

Various configuration files ("dotfiles") and scripts from my home directory. I use this on new computers so I feel more at home.

To install, execute: git clone && tilde/

To update an existing install, go to Tilde's directory and execute: git pull && ./

Jan Moesen

See COPYING for licence details.

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