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redis erlang client library, go to for latest version and active development
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Merge pull request #2 from joewilliams/master

eunit failures with 2.2.5
latest commit f48fa0662f
Jacob Perkins authored
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doc Pulled everything from japerk :
ebin vsn 0.3.2
src vsn 0.3.2
test remove one from blpop test
.gitignore hgignore
.hgignore build cleanup
.hgtags Added tag 0.3.2 for changeset 932f30ad5d9f
AUTHORS sync from japerk's bitbucket
Emakefile Pulled everything from japerk :
LICENSE sync from japerk's bitbucket
Makefile build cleanup Updated Readme for the new names
Rakefile Add withscores to erldis zsets
rebar Upgrade rebar to tip r235:34e0b4e09af5

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