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Deploy checklist

website extensions

  • Reddit comments into static site
  • Justify paragraphs like latex

Use hakyl instead of pelican

I’d prefer having everything in haskell because python module system is just too magical.

I’ll postpone this untill I actually need something.

Find reddit auto poster substitue in haskell

(should be rather trivial)

Port over layout

Org export

Fix citations

  • Should be faster
    • Maybe going full python? IDK how far that is or how much work
  • TOC shouldn’t be generated with ID on overview page.

Layout ideas

Body based wrapping

Also looks really clean. Although the word spacing is a weird choice



  1. Should move configuration file into the version controll
  2. Publish script should overwrite the config file from version controlled one


Make them all temporary, don’t want browsers to cache them.

Search performance

Setup amp?

It seems actually quit doable. The only issue is mathjx realy. However currently nobody is coming on my website trough search so who cares.

Setup structured


Replace straight quotes with curly

Probably can just add a filter in pelican or something. Make a plugin that fixes it for everyone?


To help me trough the dark times when the ductape fails.

Nixx build fails

Make sure the submodules are cloned properly: jappie branch

Org fails

Probably because of that orgmode bug where they say it isn’t allowed to do compilation. (the id then doesn’t get generated which makes it fail entrily). Test by trying to just C-c C-c some random org source block. Try recompiling elpa m x recompile-elpa and see if it loads now.


rm -rf .emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20180806 works.

Test blcok

(+ 4 2)

wrong type arg (stringp, null)

If it’s only the thesis it’s the plant uml blocks. recompile elpa, make sure plantuml is enable (should be).

Also I found a binary search was a good way to confirm that it’s the plantuml blocks.

It can also be the case that the org exporter demands an author from the format, The fix is to delete it as done in:

Assets not found in template

Set the SASS_PATH to theme/static/css.

Web assets doesn’t render

Mask jinja 2.9 for webassets 0.12, see


Google crawl report, I stumbled on that when configuring a static site in buckets.


Got the insperation for a webise from eevee

So this is powered by pelican. (and the org-mode plugin, org mode best mode)