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How to make a path object from a list of strings? #12

berrondo opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I have this use case:

new_dir = os.path.join( var_a, var_b, var_c )

where each var evaluates to string and so, the first var is not a path object.

to use i need to do this:

new_dir = path('').joinpath( var_a, var_b, var_c )


new_dir = path.joinpath( path(var_a), var_b, var_c )


new_dir = path( var_a ).joinpath( var_b, var_c )

and i have lists too, which is a pain:

path('').joinpath(*List) ?
path.joinpath(path(p) for p in List) ?
path.joinpath(map(path, List)) ?
sum(map(path, List)) ?!
path(path.os.sep.join(List)) ?! :(

what do you think about pass lists to the constructor? or maybe joinpath to be a staticmethod?


How about:

new_dir = path(os.path.join(var1, var2, var3))

joinpath as a static method seems like a reasonable idea. It's certainly worth exploring.

I often use:

new_dir = path(var_a) / var_b / var_c

But I don't like it because the syntax is incongruent (var_a is treated differently than var_b, but they fundamentally represent the same concept.

@jaraco jaraco closed this issue from a commit
@jaraco Now joinpath may be invoked as a classmethod or as an instance method…
…. This allows construction of a path object from a list of strings. Fixes #12
@jaraco jaraco closed this in fc2862a
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