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A game based on babysmash, for occupying small children at the computer
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Baby TUX

This 'game' was created as a baby solution similar to babysmash and alphababy, with the aim of keeping small children occupied at the computer, while simultaneously preventing them from doing damage.

One of the main features of this game is that it is hard to exit; you must type 'smash' and then press <escape>, all consecutively. The purpose of this is to prevent babies from accidentally exiting and destroying your computer.

Animations appear when moving the mouse, clicking, or typing.


Baby TUX requires:

  • Python (tested on 2.7.2)
  • Pyglet (a cross-platform OpenGL based windowing and multimedia library for Python)
  • Rabbyt (a fast 2D sprite engine using OpenGL)

If you are running this on a Debian based Linux disto, you will need to install: python-dev, mesa-common-dev, and libglu1-mesa-dev

Running app

To run the app, enter: python

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