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Hacker Says

Hacker Says is a micro-site for quotes from hackers to hackers from all around the world. That's all there is to it!

Just enjoy your daily dose of quotes, read news from Hacker News and continue programming. That's what we, hackers, like to do :)

Submitting New Quotes

Submit a new quote through Github's issues or fork this project and make a pull request. You're a hacker and should know how to do both of these.

Submitting New Themes

Fork this project and make a pull request. Can't be easier than that. Or can it?

Integration With Lita/Slack

lita-hackersays can be used with Lita to read quotes on a Slack or IRC chat.


Authors behind this project are Jarmo Pertman and Andri Möll. You can thank us by sending some pull requests.

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