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AWS Lambda Packaging tool for Python projects.
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AWS PyPackager

Provides a quick command line utility for packaging and uploading Python AWS Lambda Functions.


For those familiar with lambda-uploader, you will notice it works very similarly and even uses the underlying code to package Python lambda solutions. Lambda Uploader was written when I was still new to packaging and using AWS Lambda for Python. Once I started building larger projects and services the lambda-uploader didn't fit into the workflow for anything other than packaging.

The AWS PyPackager is the next iteration of my personal workflow and is meant to be really focus on packaging Python Lambda functions. Letting other tools and other frameworks handle the deployment strategy etc.



Packages a Python based lambda function by building a Virtualenv and installing all necessary dependencies.

pypackager package <python_package>


Packages and uploads a Python lambda artifact to an S3 bucket. Essentially the package command + aws s3 cp. :)

pypackager upload --bucket-name my-project-bucket <python_package>
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