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@jarun jarun released this May 27, 2019

What's new?

  • plugin support. 19 plugins added. Some are:
    • pdfview: view a PDF in pager
    • nmount: (un)mount a storage device
    • ndiff: file and directory diff for selection
    • hexview: view a file in hex
    • imgresize: batch resize images to desktop resolution
    • ipinfo: check your IP address and whois information
    • transfer: upload a file to
    • pastebin: paste the contents of a text file to
    • boom: play random music from a directory
    • nwal: set an image as wallpaper using nitrogen
    • pywal: set selected image as wallpaper, change terminal color scheme
    • getplugs: update plugins
  • SSHFS support
  • support bsdtar, simplify patool integration
  • native batch rename support (vidir dependency dropped) including selection
  • mouse support
  • new location for config files - ~/.config/nnn
    • plugin dir location: ~/.config/nnn/plugins
    • selection file .nnncp is now ~/.config/nnn/.selection
  • support configuration as the default file manager
  • per-context detail/light mode
  • case-insensitive version compare
  • shortcut to visit / - ` (backtick)
  • vim-like scrolloff support
  • ^D & ^U: scroll half page, PgDn & PdUp: scroll full page
  • fix selection across contexts
  • recognize Home and End keys at prompt for editing
  • fix broken program option -b
  • POSIX-compliant user-scripts (wherever possible)
  • NNN_SCRIPT is retired (replaced by plugins)

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@jarun jarun released this Mar 18, 2019

What's in?

  • Tinier and lighter!
  • compliant trashing
  • mark selected entries with +
  • wild load (option -w, key ^W) for nav-as-you-type
  • POSIX-compliant GUI app launcher with drop-down menu (key =)
  • new scripts:
    • upload image to imgur
    • send selection to Android using kdeconnect-cli
  • show permissions in detail mode
  • cp, mv progress bar on Linux (needs advcpmv) [BSD, macOS shows on ^T]
  • make libreadline an optional dep (reduces memory usage)
  • minimize the number of redraws
  • handle screen resize gracefully
  • option -d to show hidden files (NNN_SHOW_HIDDEN is removed)
  • additional key K to toggle selection
  • change visit start dir key to @
  • option -C to disable colors removed
  • per-context initial directory replaced by program start dir
  • marker msg when spawning new shell removed
  • rename debug file to nnndbg
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@jarun jarun released this Feb 19, 2019

What's in?

  • user-contributed scripts repository
  • substring search for filters (option -s)
  • version sort (option -n)
  • key N (1 <= N <= 4) to switch to context N
  • disk usage calculation abort with ^C
  • create sym/hard link(s) to files in selection
  • archiving of selection
  • show dir symlinks along with dirs on top
  • use nnn as a file picker with
  • fixed CJK character handling at prompts
  • bring back NNN_OPENER to specify file opener
  • env var NNN_NOTE and keybind ^N for quick notes
  • handle multiple arguments in VISUAL/EDITOR
  • show the current directory being scanned in du mode
  • select all files with Y
  • remap key to show command prompt to ^P
  • key , replaces ` as alternative Leader Key
  • keybind for visit pinned directory is now ^B
  • additional key ^V to run or select custom script
  • use libreadline for command prompt
  • reduce delay on Esc press
  • config option to avoid unexpected behaviour on 0-byte file open (see #187)
  • keys removed - $, ^, Backspace, ^H, ^P, ^M, ^W, `
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@jarun jarun released this Jan 1, 2019

What's in?

  • (neo)vim plugin nnn.vim
  • macOS fixes
    • Fix issues with file copy, move, remove
    • Handle Del in rename prompt
    • Pass correct file option to identify mime
  • Support selection across directories and contexts
  • Offer option force before file remove
  • Keys Tab, ^I to go to next active context
  • Per-context directory color specified by $NNN_CONTEXT_COLORS
    • Option -c is removed
  • Option -C to disable colors
  • Choose script to run from a script directory
  • Run a command (or launch an application)
  • Run file as executable (key C)
  • Documentation on lftp integration for remote file transfers
  • Support a combined set of arguments to $EDITOR, $PAGER and $SHELL
  • Handle > 2 GB files on 32-bit ARM
  • Env var $DISABLE_FILE_OPEN_ON_NAV to disable file open on Right or l
  • NUL-terminated file paths in selection list instead of LF
  • Better support for Termux and Cygwin environments
  • Remapped keys
    • ^I - go to next active context
    • ^T - toggle navigate-as-you-type
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@jarun jarun released this Nov 23, 2018

What's in?

  • Inclusion in several distros including Arch Linux official repo
  • Multiple contexts (aka tabs aka workspaces) [max 4]
  • Copy, move, remove selected files, remove current file
  • Leader key (like vim)
  • In-built GUI app launcher with up to 2 arguments (key o)
  • List copy selection (key y)
  • Env var NNN_NO_AUTOSELECT to disable dir auto-select
  • Key Esc exits prompt, ^L clears prompt
  • Program runtime help revamped
  • Static code analysis integration
  • gcc-8 warnings fixed
  • Remapped keys:
    • ^W - go to pinned dir
    • ^X - delete current entry
    • ^Q - quit program

What's out?

  • nlay is retired (functionality built into nnn)
  • chdir prompt is retired
  • Env var NNN_NO_X retired, selection now works out of the box
  • Only single-char bookmark keys (to work with Leader key)
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@jarun jarun released this Oct 19, 2018 · 782 commits to master since this release

What's in?

  • Mode to show apparent size (key S)
  • Script to integrate patool instead of atool
  • Support bashlock (OS X) and lock (BSD) as terminal locker
  • Symbol @/ for symlink to dir
  • Dependency on libreadline removed
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@jarun jarun released this Aug 10, 2018 · 824 commits to master since this release

What's in?

  • Support unlimited number of scripts
  • Pass currently selected filename as first argument to custom scripts
  • Support directory auto-select in navigate-as-you-type mode
  • Show selection name in archive name prompt
  • Support Cygwin opener
  • Better support on RHEL 25 with earlier version of curses
  • Sample script for fzy integration
  • Now available on OpenBSD
  • Disabled package generation for Ubuntu 17.10
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@jarun jarun released this May 1, 2018 · 860 commits to master since this release

What's in?

  • Run a custom script
  • Archive selected file/directory
  • Show number of cherry-picked files in multi-copy mode
  • Env var NNN_SHOW_HIDDEN to show hidden files by default
  • More informative help screen
  • Prefer env var VISUAL, if defined, to EDITOR
  • New/changed/remapped shortcuts
    • ^] - spawn a new shell in current directory
    • r - edit directory entries in vidir
    • R - run a custom script
    • f - archive entry
    • ^I - toggle navigate-as-you-type mode
    • L - lock the current terminal (Linux-only)
  • All Ctrl shortcuts enabled in navigate-as-you-type mode
  • Fix: GUI programs closing when parent terminal is closed
  • Recognize ~, - and & at bookmark prompt
  • Recognize ruby (.rb) files as text files
  • Efficient integer-only file size calculation
  • Official inclusion on openSUSE and Fedora
  • Package generation for Ubuntu 18.04
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@jarun jarun released this Feb 27, 2018 · 930 commits to master since this release

What's in?

  • Batch rename/move/delete files in vidir from moreutils
  • Copy multiple file paths
  • Copy file paths when X is unavailable
  • Optionally quote individual file paths with single quotes on copy
  • Use ISO 8601 date format in file details
  • New/changed/remapped shortcuts:
    • ^Y - multi-path copy
    • ^B - show bookmark prompt (replaces b)
    • b - pin current dir (replaces ^B)
    • ^J - toggle du mode
    • R - batch rename files in vidir
    • ^F - extract archive (replaces ^X)
    • ^G - quit nnn and change dir
    • ^X - quit nnn (replaces ^Q)
  • Extra shortcuts enabled in navigate-as-you-type mode:
    • ^K, ^Y (file path copy)
    • ^T (toggles quoted file path copy)
    • ^R (rename)
    • ^O (open with...)
    • ^B (show bookmark prompt)
    • ^V (visit pinned dir)
    • ^J (toggle du mode)
    • ^/ (open desktop opener)
    • ^F (extract archive)
    • ^L (refresh)
    • ^G (quit nnn and change dir)
    • ^X (quit nnn)
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@jarun jarun released this Dec 25, 2017 · 1001 commits to master since this release

Merry Christmas!!!

nnn v1.6 is even faster and leaner! We achieved these figures:

What's in?

  • Shortcut ^O to open file with custom application
  • Option -b to open bookmarks directly at start
  • Huge performance improvements around file name storing and handling
  • Several large static buffers removed or reduced
  • Several internal algorithms fine tuned for performance/resource usage
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