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Jasco Firmware

Jasco Products Company LLC

Button Identification    Button Finding    Button Updating


The /zwave/ directory contains all
currently available Z-Wave Firmware.

These files have been tested and validated
by the Jasco Connected Home team.

As testing occurs additional files will be released.

Missing Items

If your item is not currently on this list, you
can open a Firmware Request and we will
move it up on our priority list to release.

Reporting Bugs

If you wish to report a problem with a particular
Firmware version, please open a Bug Report
and we will investigate at the earliest opportunity.

Release Schedule

We will be working through and validating
all current products that are capable of OTA
updates and releasing them each Friday.

Once all current products have been listed
we will reevaluate the schedule as necessary.

Zigbee firmware coming soon.


The software is provided "as is" to provide our
customers the ability to update our products.

Jasco does not offer any express or implied
warranty of any kind when using these files,
including, but not limited to, warranties of
merchantability, noninfringement, or fitness
for a particular purpose. 

Jasco does not imply or guarantee that the
software provided will meet your requirements
or that the operation thereof will be
uninterrupted or error-free, or that all
errors will be corrected.

Jasco does not assume any responsibility for
product errors related to the use of the
software contained within this repository.

Jasco does not offer support on flashing firmware
to the devices listed here and are only provided
as a courtesy to our customers and the community.

Product Identification

Find out what type product you own.

Z-Wave vs Z-Wave Plus


  1. Identify the Product Brand.

    This can be found in the upper left corner and will say one of the following brands:

    •  Enbrighten-GE 

    •  Honeywell 

    •  UltraPro 

  2. Identify your ZW Number.

    This can be found on the device itself,
    typically on the upper corner or back
    of the product itself.

  3. Identify your Product Number.

    These are typically on the back of the
    device in question followed by -x


    46201-2 or 55256-1


    These will not be 5 digits next to PIN:.

    The Pin number is for Z-Wave S2 Security inclusion.


Example of a GE Branded Item

Example of an Enbrighten Branded Item


The folder structure for firmware is as follows:

/zwave/<Brand>/<ZW Number>/<Product Number>/<Firmware Version>/<Firmware-File>


/zwave/Enbrighten-GE/14288 - In-Wall Smart Outlet/5.26/ZW1002_Enbrighten-GE_14288_5.26.hex

Navigate to the correct section based on the
ZW Number and Brand of your device, and
the firmware version you wish to download.


Downloading and applying the wrong firmware
can cause irreparable damage to your device.

Application of incorrect firmware will
void the warranty on your device.

Please make sure you are getting the correct product,
brand, and version number for your use case.

Finding Firmware

Search for the firmware your device needs.


You can find the search page by clicking the    Go to file    button.

Where you can find the button for the search page.


You can use your Z-Wave Number to search.

Example of searching for a Z-Wave Number.


You can use your Model Number to search.

Example of searching for a Model Number.

Firmware Updates

Update the firmware on your device.


WiFi products currently require the
use of our app to update the firmware.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant will automatically inform you when updates for your device are available.


The exact instructions on how to update your firmware
differ depending on the hub / system you are using.

Please review the documentation provided by
support staff of the hub / system in question.


Some hubs / systems currently do not offer OTA updates,
and any requests to add functionality to do so should be
directed to the support for those specific systems.


Firmware for connected home devices.


Security policy





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