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# Option Parser
# -------------
# TODO: refactor option parser tests
# Ensure that the OptionParser handles arguments correctly.
return unless require?
{OptionParser} = require './../lib/coffee-script/optparse'
opt = new OptionParser [
['-r', '--required [DIR]', 'desc required']
['-o', '--optional', 'desc optional']
['-l', '--list [FILES*]', 'desc list']
test "basic arguments", ->
args = ['one', 'two', 'three', '-r', 'dir']
result = opt.parse args
arrayEq args, result.arguments
eq undefined, result.required
test "boolean and parameterised options", ->
result = opt.parse ['--optional', '-r', 'folder', 'one', 'two']
ok result.optional
eq 'folder', result.required
arrayEq ['one', 'two'], result.arguments
test "list options", ->
result = opt.parse ['-l', 'one.txt', '-l', 'two.txt', 'three']
arrayEq ['one.txt', 'two.txt'], result.list
arrayEq ['three'], result.arguments
test "-- and interesting combinations", ->
result = opt.parse ['-o','-r','a','-r','b','-o','--','-a','b','--c','d']
arrayEq ['-a', 'b', '--c', 'd'], result.arguments
ok result.optional
eq 'b', result.required
args = ['--','-o','a','-r','c','-o','--','-a','arg0','-b','arg1']
result = opt.parse args
eq undefined, result.optional
eq undefined, result.required
arrayEq args[1..], result.arguments
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