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The CoffeeScript Wiki

This wiki is a work-in-progress containing some useful lists and how-tos on advanced CoffeeScript topics. It does not contain authoritative documentation on the language. If you’re just getting started with CoffeeScript, the best free resource is the official site. There are also several books: The Little Book on CoffeeScript, Smooth CoffeeScript, CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development, CoffeeScript Ristretto, and Programming in CoffeeScript, and cheat sheets at Cheatography.

For general discussions and questions about CoffeeScript, see the Google Group or the Freenode IRC room #coffeescript. Stack Overflow is also a great resource; questions tagged coffeescript there are usually answered within a few hours. To file a bug report, use the issue tracker.

To stay up-to-date with CoffeeScript, follow @coffeescript on Twitter.

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