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Security: jashkenas/underscore

Security Policy

Supported Versions

We currently support the following versions of Underscore with security updates:

  • the latest commit on the master branch (published as "edge" on the project website);
  • the 1.x release tagged as latest on npm;
  • any release tagged as preview on npm, if present.

Reporting a Vulnerability

Please report security issues by sending an email to and

Do not submit an issue ticket or pull request or otherwise publicly disclose the issue.

After receiving your email, we will respond as soon as possible and indicate what we plan to do.

Disclosure policy

After confirming a vulnerability, we will generally release a security update as soon as possible, including the minimum amount of information required for software maintainers and system administrators to assess the urgency of the update for their particular situation.

We postpone the publication of any further details such as code comments, tests, commit history and diffs, in order to enable a substantial share of the users to install the security fix before this time.

Upon publication of full details, we will credit the reporter if the reporter wishes to be publicly identified.