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JAS-mine maintains and develops the JAS simulation platform, a discrete-event tool-kit for agent-based and dynamic microsimulation modelling. This repository contains the core libraries. See for more details.
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JAS-mine is a Java platform that aims at providing a unique simulation tool for discrete-event simulations, including agent-based and microsimulation models. With the aim to develop large-scale, data-driven models, the main architectural choice of JAS-mine is to use whenever possible standard, open-source tools already available in the software development community.

The main value added of the platform lies in the integration with RDBMS (relational database management systems) tools through ad-hoc microsimulation Java libraries.

The management of input data persistence layers and simulation results is performed using standard database management tools, and the platform takes care of the automatic translation of the relational model (which is typical of a database) into the object-oriented simulation model, where each category of individuals or objects that populate the model is represented by a specific class, with its own properties and methods.

JAS-mine allows to separate data representation and management, which is automatically taken care of by the simulation engine, from the implementation of processes and behavioral algorithms, which should be the primary concern of the modeler. This results in quicker, more robust and more transparent model building.

It has built-in utilities for communicating with an underlying relational database. In addition, the platform provides standard tools which are frequently used both in agent-based modelling and dynamic microsimulations, like design of experiments (DOE), run-time monitoring and visualization with plots and graphs (GUI), I/O communication, statistical analysis.

This repository contains the core libraries, for the gui libraries see See for a list of JAS-mine projects including demonstration models.

See for more details.

Categories: Modeling, Simulations, ORM (Object-relational mapping)

License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)

Features: Artificial Intelligence Simulation Social sciences

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