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(ns parser
(:use [eu.dnetlib.clojure clarsec monad]))
(def p-exp (<|> natural stringLiteral))
(def p-return (let-bind [_ (symb "return")
n p-exp]
(result `(:return ~n))))
(def p-call (let-bind [name identifier
args (parens (sep-by p-exp comma))]
(result `(:call ~(symbol name) ~@args))))
(def p-stmt (<|> p-call p-return))
(def p-func-body (braces (many (<* p-stmt semi))))
(def p-func-proto
(let-bind [_ (symb "func")
name (<$> symbol identifier)
params (parens (<|> (<$> (comp list keyword) (symb "..."))
(sep-by (<$> symbol identifier) comma)))
ret-type (<$> symbol identifier)]
(result `(:func ~name ~params ~ret-type))))
(def p-func (let-bind [proto p-func-proto
body p-func-body]
(result (concat proto body))))
(def parser (many (<|> p-func (<* p-func-proto semi))))
(defn parse-str [str]
(:value (parse parser str)))
#_ (parse p-call "print(3, 5, \"foo\")")
#_ (parse p-func-proto "func cos(Double) Double")
#_ (parse p-func-proto "func cos(...) Double")
#_ (parse p-func "func main() Integer { print(3); print(3); return 3; } ")
#_ (parse parser input)
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