handy cheat sheets for emacs mode and emacslisp
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Emacs CheatSheets

A work in progress, a collection of cheatsheets for Emacs, covering modes,
commands and emacslisp.

Key bindings are expressed as follows:

C-a is Ctrl + a

M-a is Meta + a

Meta is usually Alt or Opt on PC or Mac keyboards.
Meta dates back to the Lisp machine era, and the SpaceCadet keyboard, which also had
Hyper and Super keys. Emacs knows about these keys, and you can get the
Mac Command key or the Windows Windows key to behave as Hyper or Super
which gives you more key shortcut freedom.

Whenever a binding is shown with a space between the keys, they’re meant to be pressed
in seqeunce. If they’re in the same Key block, they’re pressed at the same
time. These are called Chords (as they would be on a piano) or you can think of them
like Ctrl + Alt + Del, but with a bit less stretching.


The immensely powerful file manager sitting inside Emacs.

Key bindings

Including a few additional bindings for dired-details. Install it with M-x package-install RET dired-details RET

(   and )   dired-details-toggle Del   dired-unmark-backward
e   and f   dired-find-file C-{   dired-narrow-window
RET   dired-find-file C-t   C-t   image-dired-dired-toggle-marked-thumbs
C-o   dired-display-file C-t   .   image-dired-display-thumb
!   dired-do-shell-command C-t   c   image-dired-dired-comment-files
#   dired-flag-auto-save-files C-t   d   image-dired-display-thumbs
$   dired-hide-subdir C-t   e   image-dired-dired-edit-comment-and-tags
&   dired-do-async-shell-command C-t   f   image-dired-mark-tagged-files
+   dired-create-directory C-t   i   image-dired-dired-display-image
-   negative-argument C-t   j   image-dired-jump-thumbnail-buffer
.   dired-clean-directory C-t   r   image-dired-delete-tag
0   dired-details-toggle C-t   t   image-dired-tag-files
1   .. 9   digit-argument C-t   x   image-dired-dired-display-external
<   dired-prev-dirline C-M-d   dired-tree-down
=   dired-diff C-M-n   dired-next-subdir
>   dired-next-dirline C-M-p   dired-prev-subdir
?   dired-summary C-M-u   dired-tree-up
A   dired-do-search M-$   dired-hide-all
B   dired-do-byte-compile M-{   dired-prev-marked-file
C   dired-do-copy M-}   dired-next-marked-file
D   dired-do-delete M-Del   dired-unmark-all-files
F   my-dired-find-file %   &   dired-flag-garbage-files
G   dired-do-chgrp %   C   dired-do-copy-regexp
H   dired-do-hardlink %   H   dired-do-hardlink-regexp
L   dired-do-load %   R   dired-do-rename-regexp
M   dired-do-chmod %   S   dired-do-symlink-regexp
O   dired-do-chown %   d   dired-flag-files-regexp
P   dired-do-print %   g   dired-mark-files-containing-regexp
Q   dired-do-query-replace-regexp %   l   dired-downcase
R   dired-do-rename %   m   dired-mark-files-regexp
S   dired-do-symlink %   r   dired-do-rename-regexp
T   dired-do-touch %   u   dired-upcase
U   dired-unmark-all-marks *   C-n   dired-next-marked-file
X   dired-do-shell-command *   C-p   dired-prev-marked-file
Z   dired-do-compress *   !   dired-unmark-all-marks
^   dired-up-directory *   %   dired-mark-files-regexp
a   dired-find-alternate-file *   *   dired-mark-executables
d   dired-flag-file-deletion *   /   dired-mark-directories
g   revert-buffer *   ?   dired-unmark-all-files
h   describe-mode *   @   dired-mark-symlinks
i   dired-maybe-insert-subdir *   c   dired-change-marks
j   dired-goto-file *   m   dired-mark
k   dired-do-kill-lines *   s   dired-mark-subdir-files
l   dired-do-redisplay *   t   dired-toggle-marks
m   dired-mark *   u   dired-unmark
n   dired-next-line *   Del   dired-unmark-backward
o   dired-find-file-other-window :   d   epa-dired-do-decrypt
p   dired-previous-line :   e   epa-dired-do-encrypt
q   quit-window :   s   epa-dired-do-sign
s   dired-sort-toggle-or-edit :   v   epa-dired-do-verify
t   dired-toggle-marks M-s   f   C-s   dired-isearch-filenames
u   dired-unmark M-s   a   C-s   dired-do-isearch
v   dired-view-file M-s   f   C-M-s   dired-isearch-filenames-regexp
w   dired-copy-filename-as-kill M-s   a   C-M-s   dired-do-isearch-regex
x   dired-do-flagged-delete y   dired-show-file-type
~   dired-flag-backup-files

Customization Vars

Customization variables, lookup help for these in Emacs with C-h v



Lookup help for these in Emacs with C-h f


Use hooks like this…:

(add-hook HOOK_TO_USE (lamda () ;; or just bind a function
   ;;(Do something...)