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Code repo for Android UI Fundamentals.
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This is the code for the book

The code for each chapter is in the corresponding folder. Chapters 2 through 9 cover the creation of a simple time tracking application. Some chapters contain addition sample code.

When using Eclipse, set the build target to an Android version greater than or equal to API 9. Also, the TimeTracker should be built with the android support library.

Chapter 1

Basic hello world

Chapter 2

First step in the time tracker, covers common view attributes, list views, and StrictMode.

Chapter 3

Notifications, menus, event handling, multiple screen support.

Chapter 4

Basic form views, map and web views.

Chapter 5

Abstracing layouts using , and ViewStubs. Creating themes and basics of fragments.

Chapter 6

The action bar, creating navigation using tabs, the ViewPager class, and data binding.

Chapter 7

App widgets.

Chapter 8

Listening to touch events and detecting gestures.

Chapter 9

Animation: view animations, property animations, and ViewProperAnimator.

Chapter 10

Creating custom views, including custom XML attributes.

Chapter 11

Graphics rendering using Canvas, Renderscript and OpenGL.

Chapter 12

Localization and Accessibility

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