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OpenBSD work in progress ports

devel/tortoisehg: fix, install documentation

* Changed to use system prefix instead of hardcoded "/usr"
* Changed to install COPYING.txt where it is expected to be found
* Changed tortoisehg/util/ to import and export htmlhelp_path variable
* Changed tortoisehg/hgqt/ to use htmlhelp_path instead of online help
* Added TODO explaining the path forward
latest commit cd497f3ed5
Dmitrij D. Czarkoff czarkoff authored
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archivers + archivers/zpaq
audio add squeezelite (headless squeezebox emulator)
benchmarks formatting
biology/pymol VMEM_WARNING removal.
cad use SUBST_CMD
comms Add a port for the Game Boy EMS Smart Card flasher.
converters In CVS..
databases databases/mdbtools: several fixes
devel devel/tortoisehg: fix, install documentation
editors update PLIST and fix SHARED_LIBS
education/avogadro Unbreak compilation of Avogadro.
emulators Add mgba, a Game Boy Advance emulator.
fonts The update was commited to CVS.
games games/gnubg: use ${EXTRACT_SUFX} instead of explicit suffix
geo use GH_*
graphics Better pkg/DESCR for Pinta, ripped from the man page.
lang lang/rustc: update to new snapshot 2015-02-19
mail offlineimap update -> CVS
math Update documentation patches.
meta Remove meta/kde4, imported in CVS.
misc Remove committed to CVS for p5-libwww updates.
multimedia Chase mps-youtube update.
net Add a port for megatools.
print texlive: apply mtxrun diff from -current.
productivity New description for ledger
security tweak
shells/fish Update to fish-2.1.0.
sysutils update OCaml ports
telephony Mediastreamer 2.10.0.
textproc Respect CC.
www remove www/ocaml-tyxml
x11 Chase walcommander- update.
.gitignore Add .core to .gitignore, and sort list while there.
FINISHED remove www/ocaml-tyxml Last tweak. I missed it in my pass yesterday (despite writing it corr…

openbsd-wip - work in progress ports for OpenBSD

This tree is to be used to maintain and eventually migrate ports into the official OpenBSD ports tree. This means that ports in this tree are actively worked on and may not always build, though of course it's best to aim for building ports.

The goal of this exercise is to get more people actively involved in ports. As well as having a tool to better keep track of (half-)finished ports out there. Instead of having it rot in a corner of a mailinglist.

Updated ports

Updates are also welcome; just try to keep this tree clean by removing ports that are updated/imported upstream.

If you're importing an update, please add an UPDATE file in the ports' directory with a summary of changes/explanation. This will make it easier to keep updates and new ports apart.

If it's a rather trivial update, please don't bother importing it here and just send the diff to ports@ and/or the maintainer.

Finished ports

When a port is ready to get committed, please add an entry to /FINISHED in the following format (subject to change):

net/gnaughty:   ready for import, sent to ports@ (jasperla)

Use a TODO file to list what the outstanding issues are before the port can be listed in FINISHED.

Also, only commit full ports please. Not just a Makefile or just a diff.

Administrative files

As one of the main goals of this repository is to ease the workload for committers, please use the following files to keep the overview of what's here:

  • FINISHED: Described above
  • TODO: File in the ports' directory explaining what needs to be done
  • UPDATE: Explain the update, could contain a ready-to-use commit message? :)

Workflow (open for discussion)

  • Commit your updated port here with a corresponding UPDATE file.
  • or commit your new port WIP-update here with a TODO/UPDATE file and hack on it.
  • Mail ports@ and/or maintainer.
  • Add an entry to FINISHED.
  • When the port is committed, remove the FINISHED entry as well as the port.

This repository is not here to migrate people away from using ports@. Ports posted here are unlikely to get the level of discussion and testing they get on ports@. So this repository is here to keep track of the submissions.

If you don't want to work anymore on your half-finished or not-committed-yet port, please remove it from the repository. In the future, other people can rescue your work from the git history. Maintaining the repository will prevent it from becoming a graveyard of abandoned ports.

How to use this tree

One way to use this tree is to clone it into your /usr/ports/ directory and adjust PORTSDIR_PATH accordingly in /etc/mk.conf:


In the above example, a port with version 1 in cvs, version 2 in openbsd-wip. Then, the version in cvs will be picked up before the version in openbsd-wip. This is important if you are building packages using dpb. The order of PORTSDIR_PATH is important.

To prevent "merge commits" from showing up in git log, it's recommended to either update your tree with:

git fetch && git rebase origin

or set the following option in .git/config in your local openbsd-wip repo (see git-config(1) on branch.<name>.rebase and branch.autosetuprebase):

git config branch.master.rebase true

How to contribute

Please let me know if you need write access to this repository. But please stick the workflow outlined in this document as well the pointers in

To stay posted on the latest commits, follow @openbsd_wip on Twitter.

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