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πŸŽ“ WIP reddit bot that gives you the prerequisites for a course at UCI
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WIP for a reddit bot that gives you the prerequisites for a UCI course. it comes in two parts:

  • creates a json file for the desired course department's courses and its prereqs
  • runs a reddit bot to reply to a comment requesting a course's prereqs

it also creates a logfile that records any comments and errors the bot generates while trying to post comments.

very very very much still a work in progress! this is a very quick and rough implementation. read the TODO!

getting started

you'll need

  • praw
  • python3


  • edit and change dept to whichever department you'd like to get courses from
  • edit and change subreddit = reddit.subreddit('X') where X is the subreddit you'd like to monitor


  • generate the json source for prereqs
./ --get-prereqs
  • run the bot
  • summon the bot on reddit
    • comment "UCIPreReqs DEPARTMENT NUM" for prerequisites
    • example: UCIPreReqs COMPSCI 161


there's a lot of room for improvement (obviously!)

  • write some tests
  • automate creation of multiple department's course json files
  • monitor multiple departments
  • handle comments with additional text (other than the call for the bot and the course name)
  • fix formatting of comment replies
  • make code readable, fix variable/function names, make it more efficient
  • clean up log files


  • use regular expressions with python in a project
  • create a functioning reddit bot
  • write a shell script to automate part of the proccess (in this case downloading the prereqs html page is sort of automated)
  • use and produce a json file
  • put something on github


thanks to @billycastelli for showing me how to make a reddit bot at your workshop!

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