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JNA Release Process

  • Bump version in and build.xml, if not already.

    • Change JNI version in build.xml only if JNA's native API has been changed (i.e. md5 changed).
    • Bump JNA minor version if its Java API has changed significantly or incompatibly.
  • If native changes have been made, run ant native target on each target platform, pushing the resulting target-specific jar (in lib/native) file to master.

  • Run ant -Drelease=true clean dist target on a fully up-to-date checkout with no modifications. Commit generated files in dist.

    • You will also see differences in the pom-*.xml files and src/.../ Do not commit these files.
  • Update Javadoc

    • Check out gh-pages branch
    • Copy latest doc/javadoc into {version}/javadoc
    • Commit and push
  • Update versioned links

    • Switch back to master branch
    • Update links in (download and javadoc)
    • Commit and push
  • Tag

    • Tag using the new version number (e.g. git tag 4.2.1)
    • Push new tag to origin (git push --tags)
  • Release to Maven Central

  • Email release notice to jna-users Google group.

  • Increment the version in build.xml for the next development iteration

    • Increment "jna.revision" in build.xml by one
    • Create a new section in for 'Next Release (x.y.z)'
    • Commit and push